Father of Bullied Muslim Teen Speaks Out

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NEW YORK—The father of a student who was bullied because he is Muslim, is publicly calling on parents and schools to take action to stop bullying, reports The Arab American News.

According to the news report, 16-year-old Kristian, whose surname was withheld for privacy, was repeatedly beaten at school when his classmates learned he was Muslim. The 16-year-old boy was born in the United States but is of Trinidadian descent.

Kristian’s father urged parents to talk to their children and alert schools to ensure any bullying situations do not escalate. He also said "throwing the bullies in a cell or a hole is not the answer." He urged all school staff to accommodate all students and address problems immediately.

Kristian was reportedly repeatedly hit in the head with large books, but teachers only told his peers “to stop” and “did not follow through” with disciplining any students.

Kristian is no longer at his school and his family is considering taking legal action.