SF Ethnic Media Briefing: Making Sense of the Midterm Elections

SF Ethnic Media Briefing: Making Sense of the Midterm Elections

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Making Sense of the Midterm Elections - An Ethnic Media Briefing
WHO: Join Mark DiCamillo, Director, The Field Poll and Isabel Alegria, Communications Director, California Immigrant Policy Center to discuss the impact of the mid-term elections on ethnic communities.

WHAT: The midterm elections have shaped up to be pivotal ones both for the nation and for the state. The Field Poll has been conducting the first ever multi-lingual polls of California voters on all the key races and ballot measures at stake in the election. What do the election results mean for California's ethnic community? Who are the big winners and losers? Where did the ethnic vote play a key role?
In this briefing Mark DiCamillo discusses his findings about what role California's ethnic vote is playing in these midterms. Isabel Alegria analyzes what the election results mean for the immigrant community from the composition of the California delegation to Congress to the way the state will do business in the future.

WHERE: New America Media, 275 9th St, San Francisco, CA 94103

WHEN: Thursday Nov 4, 10:30 AM
Contact: For more information please contact Sandip Roy at sroy@newamericamedia.org


Samantha Krantz

Posted Dec 10 2010

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