Filipino Workers Push Big Claim vs. Cheney-Linked Firm

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MANILA—Some 2,300 overseas Filipino workers on Monday urged the Philippine Supreme Court to act on their appeal in connection with the 27-year-old case they filed against a Texas-based giant company associated with the Halliburton Group of Companies that was  headed by former U.S. Vice President Richard "Dick" Cheney. The case is worth some $609-million in claims plus interest,

It was filed with the National Labor Relations Commission (NLRC) in 1984 on behalf of marginalized overseas foreign workers hired by Brown & Root International Inc. (now Kellog-Brown and Root) for overseas projects in Middle Eastern countries like Bahrain and United Arab Emirates, from 1976 to the 1990s. Many of them also worked in Vietnam during the war between North and South Vietnam in the 1960s before their overseas employment in the Middle East.

In a three-page urgent motion ex parte for immediate decision, the group, through their lawyer Jerry Del Mundo, urged the high court to immediately resolve their appeal and affirm the December 3, 2002 ruling of the NLRC against Kellog, Brown and Root.