Two Chinese Among World's Top 25 Philanthropists

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Barron 's,  America's premier financial magazine, has selected 25 philanthropists in the world in 2010, and two Chinese people are among them, according to the Sing Tao Daily.

Real estate entrepreneur 88-year-old  Yu Pang-Lin and Huang Ru-Lun, chairman of Century Golden Resources have been named  as the 25 best givers this year.

"Barron 's" and Global Philanthropy Group were co-produced the rankings, and emphasized more on the effect that the philanthropists made, rather than how much money they donated.

Yu Pang-Lin gave away his remaining fortune of $500 million to his foundation this April, becoming the first Chinese to donate more than $1 billion for public causes. His foundation is worth about $1.2 billion now. Yu Pang-Lin, originally from a poor family, has been supporting  health, education and disaster relief in China since he became a millionaire.

Huang Ru-Lun grew up in a fishing village in eastern China. His main business is real estate and tourism. He is believed to have donated an estimated $ 315 million to Chinese primary schools, secondary schools and universities over the past year. He also donated $88 million to the Fujian Provincial Science and Technology Museum for its expansion.