Vietnamese Cops Suspended As Sex Workers Footage Goes Online

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 Police in Quang Ninh Province have promised to investigate a case involving six police officers who have been suspended for their alleged involvement in spreading a clip of two nude sex workers on the Internet recently.

A senior police official from the northern province told Thanh Nien last week that they were yet to determine whether one of the officers had posted the clip on the Internet.

“No matter who they are, even if it is one of the policemen [that posted the clip], they would face an official investigation,” the official said on condition of anonymity. The provincial police department has instructed the police force in Quang Ninh’s Cam Pha Town to facilitate the investigation, he added.

Senior lieutenant colonel Nguyen Quoc Tien, Cam Pha chief police, said the clip was recorded in a prostitution raid by the town police on June 29 at the Quang Dung Hotel in Cam Thuy Ward.

He said that senior Lt. Tran Van Hoan recorded the clip with his cell phone with the support of Lt. Hoang Ha Long, both members of the seven-member task force that raided the hotel.

In the clip, Long demands that the sex workers not cover themselves as Hoan illegally films them with his phone camera, local media reported.

Hoan and Long and another member of the task force, Ha Trong Huan, were among the six policemen to be suspended. Tien did not say how Huan was involved in the case.

Tien, the Cam Pha Town chief police, said regulations ban filming sex workers in the nude.