WikiLeaks: U.S. Concerned Over Mexican Drug War

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MEXICO CITY – The U.S. government considers the Mexican Army “slow” and “risk averse,” the Mexican police uncoordinated, and the justice system corrupt and inefficient, according to documents released by WikiLeaks. While U.S. government officials publicly praised Mexico’s efforts in combating drug cartels, these cables reveal the U.S. government’s private concerns over Mexico’s ability to win the drug war, reports La Opinión.

Spanish newspaper El País reports that in one of the documents from October 2009, Jerónimo Gutiérrez, Mexico’s under secretary for North American affairs, admitted that the Mexican government had lost control in some parts of the country – something the Mexican government denied publicly.

La Opinión reported on Sept 23 that four regions of the country had the characteristics of a “failed state.” After the article was published, La Opinión reports, President Calderón refused to give the newspaper an interview.

The cables also show the U.S. government was concerned over Secretary of Defense Guillermo Galván’s suspension of individual rights in the war on organized crime.

The Mexican government has not commented on the WikiLeaks documents.