Abused Immigrant Woman Plans to Withdraw Green Card Petition

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NEW YORK -- Chinese immigrant Shu Liu, who lives in Brooklyn, was allegedly beaten up by her husband on Jan 13 after she found him in an underground casino. She got multiple bruises on her head, face, body and legs. Her 11-year-old niece and two other relatives were also abused, the World Journal reports.

The husband, Liushui Gao,  has been charged with domestic violence. He  is out on bail, pending trial.

Liu emigrated alone from the Fujian Province of China to the United States in 1996, without papers. Working in restaurants , for 15 years  she managed to support her family back home, while the husband allegedly engaged in  illegal activities. After legalizing her status, she sponsored her family to join her in the United States.

Liu said she was going to divorce her husband, and withdraw her sponsorship of her husband's green card. 

David Song, the counsel of the Fujian Family Association, said it is difficult to stop the green card application process from going through since Gao has been lidentified as the relative of a political asylum immigrant when he came to the United States in 2010.

However, if found guilty of a crime, his chance of getting U.S. citizenship could be jeopardized.