Captured Pirates Rave About S. Korean Prison Food

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Five Somali pirates, now detained in South Korea's southern port city of Busan, are said to be enjoying the country's hospitality, reports the Korean language Dong-a Daily. The five were captured in a rescue operation last week in waters off the coast of the troubled African nation.

According to the report, the men are adjusting to life in Korea so well that one, Serum Abdullah, has already requested that he be naturalized as a Korean citizen. The others have all expressed positive impressions of their treatment while under investigation by a team headed by South Korea's Coast Guard.

One pirate allegedly told reporters that the prison facility in which they are being held is far better than some of Somalia's best hotels. All have raved about the food. The captives were apprehended on Jan. 15 after a successful rescue operation carried out by South Korean naval forces, following the hijacking of the 11,500-ton chemical carrier Samho Jewelry in the Arabian Sea. The ship's 21 crew members were rescued, though the captain remains hospitalized for injuries received during the operation. South Korean forces killed eight of the pirates, capturing five.

The report notes that while naturalization for Mr. Abdullah is not impossible, it is highly unlikely given the nature of his crimes.