Ex-Cop Who Won Race-Bias Suit Dies of Pancreatic Cancer

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Navin Sharma, a 54-year-old Mumbai-born police officer, who was fired from the Vancouver Police Department in Washington state and received a settlement of $1.65 million in his race-bias lawsuit against the city in 2008, lost his battle with pancreatic cancer on Christmas Eve.

In his suit against the Vancouver, Wash., police department, Sharma, a nine-year veteran of the force, alleged he was subject to nearly seven years of racial harassment on the job, beginning when he testified against senior members of the department in a 1998 internal affairs investigation.

“I told the truth as I saw it,” Sharma told India-West in 2008. “The cops were not happy and a whole vendetta began against me,” he said, adding that he was largely unaware of the retaliation at the beginning, until a fellow officer – a 25-year veteran of the force – told him of theconspiracy against him and claimed the cops were “going to teach me a lesson on the streets.”

The harassment included being called a “sand nigger” by a superior, and another who referred to him as “Sharmageddon.”