Fil-Am Mayor of Hercules Resigns

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HERCULES, Calif.— Filipino-American Mayor Ed Balico has resigned from his position amid recall efforts to replace him and two other members of the city council.

Officially, Balico said he is stepping down to spend more time with his family. However, moments after his announced resignation, a group called Hercules City Council Recall served the Fil-Am mayor, Vice Mayor Joanne Ward and City Councilman Donald Kuehne a notice of intention to recall accusing Balico of “failed leadership” and for approving several controversial multi-million dollar no-bids contract “sweetheart development deal” to a company owned by former City Manager Nelson Oliva, “that have depleted the city’s redevelopment funds.”

Last month, Oliva also stepped down from his position in the midst of public pressure. The group, headed by long time resident Dan Romero, served a notice of intention to recall to Ward and Kuehne during Balico’s last City Council meeting earlier this week.



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