Four Vietnamese Youth Accused of Hacking UK Credit Cards

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Vietnam hi-tech crimes investigation department reported that it has busted a ring of Vietnamese hackers who had used 100,000 credit cards in the United Kingdom, pocketing billions of dong.

The busting operation was conducted in cooperation with the U.K. police, said Nguyen Thanh Hoa, chief of the department (C50) under the Ministry of Public Security.

Khoa Dang Le, Ngoc Thanh Nguyen, and Nghia Dinh Nguyen of Saigon andHanoi, joined some foreigners to hack the system of a UK company to steal security information on the cards — information worth $9.32 million.

The suspects are all young and highly skilled in information technology applications, Hòa said.

They told police that they usually transferred money from hacked accounts to their bank accounts in small amounts so that the credit card holders didn’t notice. Later they hired people to use their ID cards to withdraw money.

The hackers said they spent the money on laptops and other costly things. Police said they’d also spent more than $7.3 million buying gold and had invested in real estate. The hackers also sold the credit
card information online, they added.

Officials, however, admit they face difficulties in handling the case because current laws to deal with such crimes still have several shortcomings.



Posted Jan 4 2011

well, that meant the world must give more attentions to these youngsters... IT TALENTS

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