Yee to Limbaugh: Apologize for Racist Remarks

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SAN FRANCISCO--California State Senator Leland Yee and Rush Limbaugh got into a war of words Thursday after Yee publicly demanded an apology from the conservative talk radio host, the World Journal reports. Limbaugh, while covering Chinese President Hu Jintao’s state visit, offered a mock translation of Hu’s words, adding his own, "chin chong, chin chong cha..."

Yee described Limbaugh's actions as "highly offensive" to the country's Chinese community. Yee added that barring an apology, he would consider approaching the program's sponsors about cutting funding for Limbaugh's show.

In response to Yee's demand for an apology, Limbaugh went on the attack, accusing Yee on his show of passing legislation exclusively in the interest of his state's Asian population.

Yee, who chairs California's Senate Select Committee on Asian Pacific Islander Affairs, says Limbaugh's mocking of Hu's remarks echoes the racism that he and many others in the United States have faced, adding that the expression "chin chong" was often used to ridicule Chinese people's English-language abilities.

Congresswoman Judy Chu of California, New York State Assemblywoman Grace Meng and Congressman David Wu of Oregon have also condemned Limbaugh's remarks.