134 Filipinos in Libya Now Safe, Says Phil. Foreign Office

134 Filipinos in Libya Now Safe, Says Phil. Foreign Office

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MANILA, Philippines --The Department of Foreign Affairs confirmed Friday that 134 Filipinos were out of harm's way in Libya, with the Philippine embassy in Tripoli going into "full relocation and repatriation mode."

Acting Foreign Affairs Secretary Albert Del Rosario gave no details but said the 134 were on their way home."

He also announced that transport arrangements had been made and alternative land routes established to get Filipinos out of Libya, as tensions continued to escalate.

At a briefing at the DFA, the newly designated official said the DFA estimated that 13,000 of the 30,000 Filipinos in Libya would leave the country under evacuation arrangements undertaken by their employers.

Some 300 Filipinos in Brega, Jalo and the Sahara Desert were transported to a safe area in Tripoli by their employers aboard a plane.

On the other hand, 19 Filipinos employed by OEA Grands Project were flown out of Libya to Paris by their company, and 11 others were being repatriated by the Benghazi-based Al Nahr Engineering Limited. A number of them were to be evacuated via the British Naval Fleet to Malta.

The DFA said it was also making arrangements for ships to take Filipinos from Tripoli to Malta as well as those from Benghazi to Crete in Greece.