Black Unemployment Sparks Chorus Of Discontent

Black Unemployment Sparks Chorus Of Discontent

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 What would happen if 34.5 percent of White men did not have jobs? According to new U.S. Bureau of Labor statistics joblessness for 16-to-24-year-old black men has reached Great Depression proportions -- more than three times the rate for the general U.S. population.

From a national policy perspective, how would people respond and what would happen? Would there be a revolution? A refocusing of national priorities? A massive jobs creation program?

As the tide of revolt sweeps Egypt and Tunisia sparking anti-government protests in other countries in the Mideast, some African Americans are asking the proverbial question:

“Will it take a revolution to spark economic change in Black America?”

“All eyes are on the uprisings playing out in Egypt and Tunisia yet America systematically turns a blind eye to the oppression in its own backyard.”

That’s 24-year-old Reggie “Tony” Scruggs, a Moreno Valley computer technician who has been unemployed more than two years.

Scruggs born and raised in Mississippi says he’s never had any trouble with the law, other than a few traffic violations, and leads a middle class life in Moreno Valley. He says being black in America today is just about the same as having a felony conviction in terms of one’s chances of finding a job.

“It’s a cruel irony of life that, as Billie Holiday sang, “Them that’s got shall get,” said Scruggs. “I’m not a thug, I’m not lazy, I’m not a high school dropout, I don’t have a college degree but I have usable skills. Black men want to work, but they won’t hire us.”

These days he spends much of his time knocking on doors looking for work or pent up in his mother's one-bedroom apartment, the TV blaring hour after hour. He clinches his fist and repeatedly pounds on a pile of mother boards, hard drives, cables and other computer parts.

“I can take a computer apart and rebuild it. I can troubleshoot hardware and software. Yet employers won’t hire me. Why? Scruggs asked.

He held up a certificate of completion for a computer technician apprenticeship program. So far the most the training program has yielded was a temporary tech support representative. The job lasted 11 days.

“When I walk into a place of business and ask for a job application, the first thing the receptionist wants to do is call security.”

Monday, nearly a dozen jobless men stood outside a popular min-market on Alessandro Boulevard trying to stay out of the streets and out of trouble.

“People are condemning the oppression in Egypt and Tunisia. U.S. government officials, the media, they’re all over the Mideast revolution. But many of those same people will walk over a jobless African American to get to their microphone,” said Richard Hedrick an out of work truck driver who has an AA degree.

“Our plight doesn’t make the headlines,” said another man who wiped tears from his eyes.

As young black men, they belong to a group that has been hit much harder than any other by unemployment. Joblessness for 16-to-24-year-old black men has reached Great Depression proportions -- 34.5 percent in December, more than three times the rate for the general U.S. population.

And last week, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that while the nation’s unemployment rate dropped to 8.5 percent, black joblessness remained virtually stagnant going from 15.8 to 15.7 percent and black teen jobless figures, still the highest of any group, actually ticked up from 44.2 to 45.4 percent.

“Can you imagine any other group at that level of unemployment and the media dismissing it as not important?” the Rev. Jesse Jackson asked during an interview posted on the website ‘Africana Online’.

“This has become so acceptable that it doesn’t even cause anyone to stop and wonder how we are failing,” said Jackson reflecting on the latest federal unemployment report.

Jackson added access to appropriate education and training, employer bias, incorrect background checks, inappropriate credit checks and other structural barriers also serve as barriers to employment.

A cross-sectional analysis of employers by Harry J. Holzer of Georgetown University found that employers are generally more averse to hiring black males than those from any other racial and gender group, especially in jobs that require social or verbal skills and in service occupations.

Another study from Princeton University of nearly 1,500 employers in New York City found that black applicants without criminal records are no more likely to get a job than white applicants just out of prison. The statistics from the study also suggested that employer discrimination against people of color and ex-offenders has significantly undermined the job opportunities for young black men with little education and training.

During nearly a year of fieldwork, teams of testers audited hundreds of job applicants applying for a wide range of entry level jobs such as waiters, sales assistants, laborers, warehouse workers, couriers, and customer service representatives.

The results of these studies were startling said Devah Pager an Associate Professor of Sociology and Faculty Associate of the Office of Population Research at Princeton University. His research on black men and the labor market revealed gross discrimination in the hiring of black men.

“The young black men posing as job applicants in my studies were bright college kids, models of discipline and hard work; and yet, even in this best case scenario, these applicants were routinely overlooked simply on the basis of the color of their skin. The results of multiple studies suggest that black men must work at least twice as hard as equally qualified whites simply to overcome the stigma of their skin color.”

The employment rates of African-American men remained stagnant even during the economic booms in the 1980s and 1990s, said Algernon Austin, a sociologist with the Economic Policy Institute, a nonpartisan research center in Washington, D.C.

Austin said the group’s continued high unemployment rates even after many years of a strong economy are influenced by multiple factors, including high rates of incarceration, limited education, child support arrearages and discrimination.

Even as the recovery slowly takes hold, Austin said none of the projections call for unemployment among blacks to fall much below 10 percent.

“Blacks are going to have double digit unemployment until 2014. It's a dire situation and unfortunately not many people are treating this as a crisis. ... Even college-educated blacks are facing shockingly high unemployment.”



Posted Feb 18 2011

After the year 2000 many were given the pink slip.. We had just cleaned up the worse software glitch ever. Many hands were required, so the corporations brought in H1-b's to help out with the enormous task.

After getting their training (from American programmers, business analysts and more) everything appeared to work out fine so well that John Q Public thought the entire Y2K problem was just some made up trick. Somewhat like the unbelievers of the mission to the moon. After the success American programmers were given pink slips. We complained to everyone we could think of but no one listen then. I will cause this phase#1 or the start of the massive slide in unemployment that has occurred in the black community.

Black mathematicians, engineers, programmers and others highly skilled took jobs down the next level of the food chain. Some entered accounting as Income Tax then the government made that free for filers; some took jobs on the next level down and so ad infinitum.

It is good that someone in the black media is finally speaking up.
Just a reminder of a famous quote: First they came...


Posted Feb 18 2011

Obama just finished talking to CEO's in Silicon Valley, hurray!

Here's one mainstream media's answer to the event:

The gist from the story above is: " They won't be able to find anyone for the jobs".

"You can't expect laid off Detroit workers to work in Silicon Valley" translated:"black".

It will be hard to find workers that's for sure, but not for the reason given or to be given by mainstream media.

Many black scientists have lived off the equity in their homes to survive for the last 11 years;
taken less paying jobs like "parking cars for the church", yes I actually know of one black mathematician who does just that. Many have retired, many more have had their homes foreclosed
and are penniless so they simply can't afford to move to expensive silicon valley.

As far as young black males, where are the mentors that used to be in place at the corporations?
Young blacks students lost mentors in the hi-tech field. when black professionals both scientists, HR personnel, and those who worked in manufacturing along with various other high paying disciplines found that they were no longer needed.

Now just entering college is quite a competitive feat for young black kids, without a lot of cash or other sources of wealth and no mentors to help - at least sincere ones.

Just picture this if you will:
Coming from a high school with teachers that have as their native language something other than American English and go to a college or university, where ten or fifteen kids gather to work out their problems and of course they can't include you - even if they wanted to, since they are not proficient in English.
You, if you are black, you must work ever problem yourself, since there's no one available who can communicate with you.

What about the professor? NO, HE HAS LEFT FOR THE BEACH.
What about the TA? He could just supply you with incorrect solutions,
Sometimes he doesn't even understand the subject himself.

Many foreign students come to American universities with the backing of their government, therefore it is much easier for them. American colleges and universities seem to prefer this arrangement, especially since they (the foreign students) are paying full tuition and many times do free work for the institutions.

Another great blog:




Posted Feb 20 2011

We have to admire black American journalists right now, at least those who are on the line fighting for "Freedom of the Press".

You may, however, be the last ones standing with a job - when the dust finally settles.
You have nothing to worry about though, even if Watson takes over or the technology
that produced Watson starts replacing jobs currently outsourced worldwide.

Some said that robots would never replace humans - they were wrong.
Nice article below, enjoy.

Couple commit suicide after daughter elopes - Times of India


Posted Jun 10 2011

Blame your "brothers" for being criminals and making good black guys scary.

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