Flushing's Food Street Turning into Sex Street

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NEW YORK-- The Flushing Business Improvement District Office and public officials have recently received an increasing number of complaints from younger Chinese American women, who say they are being harassed by Latino men on 40th Street.

According to the China Press, 40th Street near Flushing's Main Street, is a stretch of  massage parlors, from foot massage outfits to Thai-style massages parlors. Interviewed by the paper, someone who is well-informed about the neighborhood, said many of these parlors are selling sex, attracting many Latino women entering this largely Asian neighborhood looking for customers.

THe reportedly said many of these Latino women are over 40 years old, who openly recruit customers on the street, asking for $100 to $150 each trick they turn. Their behavior leads to an increasing number of male patrons, who often harass the young Asian women who pass by. 

Flushing residents are urging law officials to crack down on the sex trade, and prevent it from  from invading their neighborhood.