Hoa Dinh Viet’s Email App, Sparrow, Tops Apple Mac App Store

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Hoa Dinh Viet, a Vietnamese-French engineer, is sitting on top of the Mac App Store with his incredible Mac Email client, Sparrow App. The email application is called the perfect desktop translation of Gmail: simple, powerful, and beautiful.

Sparrow is receiving accolade from the toughest critics, including Daring Fireball, John Gruber. Gruber, a notoriously tough critic and semi-diety in the Mac world, calls Sparrow “the most interesting new Mac email client in at least a decade.” Others call it “a world-class application.”

Hoa is no stranger software; he is a former Apple, Open Source and Amazon employee. The man clearly has the talent and passion for his craft. Thanks for showing the world Vietnamese people are capable of world-class innovation. " It’s a momentous day for Vietnamese engineers," noted James Bao, founder of onevietnam.org. talk