Korean Consulates Reach Out Through Facebook

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The Korean consulate in San Francisco recently launched a Facebook account, according to the Korea Times in Oakland, aiming to enhance communication with the Korean community and to better meet the needs of its members. The report noted that the move came following a directive from the Korean government in Seoul that consulates across the U.S. work to strengthen their ties to their respective communities.

The report noted that one of the goals is to increase awareness of the services provided by the consulate, including information on immigration matters, education and cultural activities directly pertaining to the Korean community. 

Sung Ho Yang with the Korean Consulate in San Francisco told the paper that through its Facebook account the consulate hopes to connect with a wider spectrum of Koreans in the area in all age groups. He added that the consulate was considering additional social media tools, including Twitter.

Politicians in Korea have for several years now been known to employ social media tools to reach out to constituents, with many maintaining daily Twitter and Facebook accounts.