U.S. Will Be Biggest Spanish-Speaking Country by 2050, Says Scholar

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By 2050, 10 percent of the world population will speak Spanish and the United States will be the biggest Spanish-speaking country, the general secretary of the Association of Spanish Language Academies said Monday.

Cuban writer and academic Humberto López Morales made this prediction during his speech when he was awarded an honorary doctorate by the University of Valencia at a ceremony presided over by Spanish Education Minister Angel Gabilondo.

He noted that the current situation of Hispanics in the United States is the result of a confluence of historical processes headed by Mexico at the beginning of the 20th century, followed by Puerto Rico, Cuba, the Dominican Republic and, more recently, Venezuela and Argentina.

"Besieged by poverty and by the barriers that impeded access to decent salaries, a minimally acceptable home, basic conditions of health or the education of their children," he said, the citizens of those countries emigrated to the "promised land."

"Knowing Spanish is ... among other things, a business," and in some states, like Florida, "Spanish is a good passport for obtaining a job," he said.

According to another study cited by López Morales, "every minute that goes by, 2.5 Hispanics enter the stream of immigrants to the country, that is to say, 3,700 per day."

If the forecast is born out, the United States by 2050 will become the largest Spanish-speaking country in the world and Spanish will be the second-most-spoken language on the planet, surpassed only by Chinese.

"If the course does not change, it's very possible that within three or four generations 10 percent of the world population will understand Spanish. Let us hope so!" he concluded.




Posted Apr 25 2011

Espero que la lengua cervantina se establezca como idioma oficial pues ya hace siglos que se habla en Norteamérica de hecho se hablaba antes que el inglés.


Posted Jul 16 2011

The only reason Spanish is so prevalent in the US is because business and the media cow-tow to the hispanics. If the Hispanics learned English like every other immigrant population coming to the US. We would still be speaking the language that the Constitution of the United States was written in


Posted Jul 30 2011

El español se habló mucho antes que el inglés pues fue Ponce de León el que fundó la 1ª colonia española en Norteamérica así que los yanquis debían de estudiar bien su historia.


Posted Dec 21 2011

Actually, in some states like in California the Constitution was written in both languages,.. so, you'd better brush up on history, cause looks like you failed it!
and it is said NOWHERE that the official language of the US is English... because you people don't have an official language. if you spoke Spanish, all the American continent then would be speaking the same language.


Posted Feb 17 2012

Do they speak spanish in Canada and Brazil? Last I checked they were on the American continents.


Posted Feb 19 2012

exactly, if you want to criticize the lack of education in others you should check your own facts!


Posted Aug 5 2012

We are americans we speak english if you want to speak spanish stay where you speak it. English was founded here as spanish was not.


Posted Aug 8 2012

The USA stole over half of Mexico's territory to expand slavery so why shouldn't Spanish be spoken more frequently in the USA!

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