Amid Nuclear Fears, Korean Consulate Keeps Doors Open to Quake Victims

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SENDAI, JAPAN – The Korea Times in Oakland reports that amid the ruins of last week's earthquake and tsunami in the Japanese city of Sendai, the Korean consulate in the city has been offering 24-hour emergency services to Korean residents in the area. Staff at the consulate have been rotating 20 hour shifts to help residents looking to flee the disaster zone or locate missing friends and relatives.

Employees have been offering rides out of the area to stranded Korean nationals while the consulate has also offered rice and other staples to those affected by the tragedy. According to the report, staff at other embassies in the quake and tsunami zone have fled out of fear of nuclear radiation leaking from the crippled reactors near Sendai. Consul General Jung-su Kim told reporters that while he does fear for the safety of his staff, his mission and that of the embassy is to "stay here until every Korean resident is accounted for and, if need be, securely evacuated."