La Opinión: Utah Immigration Laws Send Message of 'Courage'

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LOS ANGELES -- This week, the governor of Utah, Republican Gary Herbert, signed into law four bills that attempted to find a solution to the presence of more than 100,000 undocumented immigrants in the state. In addition to approving a measure similar to the one in Arizona, Utah passed three other laws. One creates a program for guest workers, the second allows citizens to sponsor foreign residents and the third creates a pilot program with the Mexican state of Nuevo Leon to facilitate migrant worker agreements.

Gov. Herbert said undocumented immigrants in Utah who are productive members of society can feel welcome until the federal government steps "off the sidelines and into the game" by taking federal action on comprehensive immigration reform.

"We do not agree with the need for the Arizona-style measure," write editors of La Opinión. "It is also very possible that questions will be raised about whether it is lawful for a state to issue visas that should be granted by the federal government.The message sent by Utah could not be clearer: Congress and the Obama administration must find the political courage to act before the damage to society and the country’s economy becomes bigger than the immigration problem."