New America Now: Wal-Mart Class-Action Suit

New America Now: Wal-Mart Class-Action Suit

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The biggest sex-discrimination suit in US history gets a hearing by the Supreme Court this week, as Wal-Mart tries to persuade the court's nine justices that more than 1 million female employees suing for unequal pay should not be allowed to band together in a class action. New America Media's Irma Herrera speaks with Arcelia Hurtado, Executive Director of Equal Rights Advocates, one of the public-interest law firms leading the fight for class members. Some of the statistics discussed in this interview can be found at the following website:

Average earnings of:
Store Managers Men $105,682/Women $89,280
District Managers Men $239,519/ Women $177,149

Comparisons with Wal-Mart's Competitors:
Show that Wal-Mart's competitors had more women in management positions in 1975 than Wal-Mart had when the suit was filed in 2001.

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