Accused Killer Takes Witness Stand at Chauncey Bailey Murder Trial

Accused Killer Takes Witness Stand at Chauncey Bailey Murder Trial

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OAKLAND — Accused killer Antoine Mackey took the witness stand in his own defense Tuesday in the Chauncey Bailey murder trial and spent most of morning describing how he joined Your Black Muslim Bakery in 2007.

Mackey, 25, has yet to be asked about any of the three deaths for which he is facing murder charges. Under questioning from his attorney Gary Sirbu, Mackey said he harbors no hatred toward white people. One of his alleged victims, Michael Wills, was a white man; prosecution witness Devaughndre Broussard said Mackey and his co-defendant in the triple murder case, bakery leader Yusuf Bey IV, bragged about killing “white devils.”

Bey IV is accused of ordering the deaths of Bailey, editor of the Oakland Post, and two other men, Odell Roberson and Wills, in summer 2007. Mackey is accused of killing Wills and helping in the deaths of Bailey and Roberson.

Bey IV and Mackey have pleaded not guilty; they face life in prison without the possibility of parole if convicted. Broussard has confessed to killing Bailey and Roberson and will receive a 25-year sentence in exchange for his testimony.

Mackey apparently decided over the weekend to take the stand, and his testimony will delay closing arguments that were expected to begin Tuesday. Mackey’s testimony is expected to take several more hours.

Mackey described himself as “a nerd” who joined the bakery after being shot in three separate incidents in his hometown of San Francisco. He said he was fascinated with learning how to work the cash register at the bakery.

“I’m just a nerd that way,” he said.

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