Michigan Gov. Opposes Arizona-Style Immigration Law

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DETROIT—Michigan governor Rick Snyder opposes adoption of HB 4305, an Arizona-style immigration law introduced in the Michigan legislature in February, reports Arab American News.

At an annual Michigan Hispanic Chamber of Commerce convening last week, Snyder delivered a speech highlighting the contributions Latino businesses have made to Michigan’s economy. He recognized the 10,000 Latino-owned businesses in Michigan and the importance immigrants continue to play in Michigan’s economic recovery.

Gov. Snyder asserted that such legislation would be “unnecessary and would encourage a divisive atmosphere” in an already divided state. He also noted that although Michigan is the only state to decline in population, according to 2010 census data, the state's Latino population grew by 30 percent, preventing further loss in the state's overall population.

According to the news report, the governor's comments were met with enthusiasm from the audience, including top Latino corporate leaders in Michigan.