Telemundo Lags Behind NBC in Local News Coverage

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A new Free Press report released Monday reveals deep disparities between the amount of local news offered on Comcast's English- and Spanish-language stations.

To justify its takeover of NBC Universal, Comcast committed to increasing local programming across its newly acquired NBC and Telemundo stations for a period of five years. The Federal Communications Commission requires Comcast to file quarterly localism reports for each of the 25 stations to ensure that the company follows through on its promise.

"No News Is Bad News: An Analysis of Comcast-NBC Universal Compliance with FCC Localism Conditions" examines the first filings submitted since the cable giant took over NBC in January. It offers the first glimpse of Comcast's compliance with a merger condition required by the FCC that seeks to increase local news programming at Telemundo and NBC stations owned and operated by Comcast. Read the full report here.