Michigan Ethnic and Minority Media Organizations Forge Landmark Partnership

Michigan Ethnic and Minority Media Organizations Forge Landmark Partnership

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MACKINAC ISLAND, Mich. ---Two southeast Michigan media organizations announced the launch of a new partnership that spotlights the contributions of the region's ethnic, minority and immigrant entrepreneurs.

New Michigan Media
and Issue Media Group have collaborated to form the Ethnic and Minority Media Partnership. The partnership was announced June 2 at the Detroit Regional Chamber's Mackinac Policy Conference.

Issue Media Group's website now features stories from New Michigan Media's five largest ethnic publications — The Arab American News, The Jewish News, The Michigan Korean Weekly, The Latino Press and The Michigan Chronicle.

Participating ethnic media will develop, write, and publish stories about Southeast Michigan entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial successes from their own ethnic communities.

New Michigan Media's network includes more than 100 ethnic and minority media outlets in Michigan, which represent hundreds of thousands of minority readers, viewers and listeners in the Michigan media market. Issue Media Group publishes online magazines devoted to documenting the transformation of cities and economies in 19 regions across the U.S. and Canada.

"This partnership is a unique opportunity to showcase the entrepreneurial vitality in the Hispanic and all other ethnic and minority communities in the region. We all play an important role in the revitalization of Detroit, and by collaborating through New Michigan Media and with the New Economy Initiative, we hope to achieve an even greater positive impact on the future of southeast Michigan," Latino Press Publisher Elias Gutierrez said.

In addition to the website, the partnership will form relationships with mainstream media as well as international publications to expand the news to different audiences. The overall goal is to educate and encourage ethnic and immigrant entrepreneurs to start and grow their own businesses in the region.

"New Michigan Media is committed to building bridges among successful ethnic, minority and immigrant communities with the intention of creating new opportunities and greater visibility," said New Michigan Media Founder Hayg Oshagan.

"Our collaborative efforts with Issue Media Group – a media organization dedicated to covering emerging companies and the new economy – will enable us to grow awareness of ethnic, minority and immigrant entrepreneurial successes in the region and begin to change the narrative about southeast Michigan on the local, national and international level."

Bankole Thompson, senior editor of the Michigan Chronicle, said he applauded the work of Wayne State Professor Hayg Oshagan for conceptualizing New Michigan Media.

The partnership draws attention to the impact ethnic, minority and immigrant communities have on the economy. Over one decade immigrant- founded ventures created 450,000 jobs and represented a market capitalization of roughly $500 billion. Southeast Michigan's immigrant entrepreneurs were six times as likely to start a high-tech firm from 1995-2005, placing the state third compared to all 50 states, and are nearly four times as likely to file an international patent. Michigan ranks eighth out of all 50 states in filing these types of patents. Immigrants are more than three times as likely to start a new business.

"It's a unique and first of its kind project that illuminates successful stories of immigrants and shows how they enrich our state and country with their contributions to business, culture and the greatness of America," said Osama Siblani, publisher of The Arab American News.

The partnership is being funded by the New Economy Initiative (NEI) for Southeast Michigan. NEI is an innovative philanthropic effort to accelerate the transition of metro Detroit to an innovation-based economy that expands opportunity for all. Ten national, regional and local foundations have committed $100 million to the eight-year initiative.

Detroit's immigrant community is the third most productive in the nation's 25 largest metropolitan areas. "Southeast Michigan's ethnic, minority and foreign-born entrepreneurs are key to the region's long term revitalization and future economic growth, and ignite the overall entrepreneurial spirit of the region," said New Economy Initiative Executive Director David Egner.

"The Ethnic and Minority Media Partnership is the ideal platform to showcase southeast Michigan's ethnic, immigrant and minority communities as catalysts for economic renewal and growth. They are creators of new technologies and products which are sold around the world, and can serve as champions to encourage other ethnic groups and immigrants to plant their entrepreneurial seeds and grow their fresh ideas in a region with a strong business development support system and access to resources."