More Restrictions on Driver's Licenses in New Mexico

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PHOENIX -- New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez is seeking to establish tighter screening procedures for issuing driver’s licenses to undocumented immigrants in her state by the end of July, EFE reports.

A state law in New Mexico currently allows undocumented immigrants to obtain a driver’s license as long as they are residents of the state.

Martínez said she believes that this state law has attracted people to New Mexico from other states and even other countries, solely to obtain a driver’s license.

Martínez said that 35 percent of calls made to the DMV to make an appointment for a driver’s license are from out-of-state phone numbers.

At the end of May, the DMV, at Martínez’s request, stopped accepting “affidavits of residency” as one of the documents to prove residence in the state.

The Republican governor is also seeking to establish a system to verify that all undocumented immigrants who have obtained driver's licenses in the state live in New Mexico.