Kreayshawn and White Girl Mob Take Over the Net, Radio

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OAKLAND CA. -- Pop music has gotten really corny in the past few years.

Auto-Tune has marginalized the vocal landscape and it’s getting increasingly difficult to tell singers apart. Euro-dance beats have synthesized their way into almost every song on the radio, making modern day artists sound boring and monotonous.

Listening to the radio can feel like listening to one really long, really bad dance track where everyone has an equally bad verse about partying, dancing, popping a bottle of some kind or falling in love on a dance floor.

It’s truly horrible and most of the time the radio is completely impossible for me to enjoy. But thanks to some brave young guns changing the game with their multimedia skills and original sounds, the future of pop music looks a bit odd but also really exciting.

If you’re a music nerd like me who is constantly hunting around the Internet for cool new music, chances are you know who Kreayshawn is. She’s the pint sized Russian American, East Oakland born “IT” rapper of the moment with one of the most original sounding songs I’ve heard in a while “Gucci Gucci.”

In the video for “Gucci Gucci” Kreayshawn sways and swags to a bass heavy track in a number of soon to be imitated 80’s Madonnaesq outfits, surrounded by hoodlums, superfine hipster chicks, skaters and her equally stylish side kick Lil' Debbie (who is just too cute for words). Together with DJ L1l and V-Nasty they make up the White Girl Mob Crew. The video is fire and the song is so catchy I knew the words half way through the first play and I still can’t stop singing it. Gucci has over 3 million views on YouTube and regular spin on local radio. The bassy tune is rooted in Oakland’s post-hyphy sound and a chopped up sample from a previous song of hers, throbs over Kreayshawn’s sometimes nasally vocals.

I can almost imagine Kreayshawn on the back of an AC Transit bus riding through East Oakland, blasting a song on her MetroPCS phone and shooting dirty looks around at people who seem put off by her wild style and outgoing attitude. I can see her pointing a leopard print French manicured fingertip at an unsuspecting rider and screaming. “B--ch you ain’t no Barbie, I see you work at Arby’s!”

There’s an authenticity about Kreayshawn that makes me like her. She seems like a hipster hood rat, (and I mean that in the best way possible) who I wouldn’t want to mess with but would really want style tips from.

She reminds me of friends of mine, girls that are all lipstick and dynamite but still cool enough to kick it with. She looks like the kind of girl that will make out with you and then steal your girlfriend in the same night.

Kreayshawn also shoots music videos -- most notably she's done work for Berkeley CA. native and the Super "IT" rapper of 2011, Lil' B.

The first time I saw her on the screen I was sure I knew her, or had ran into her at bar or in a park somewhere. If you look closely at “Gucci Gucci” some of the guys from Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All can be spotted in the background. OFWGKTA have been making tidal waves in the music world lately because of their crafty independent distribution and marketing. Their DIY approach and FU attitude - thanks in large part to their leader, 19-year-old Tyler the Creator and his vision - and their Internet mastery make the OFWGKTA guys to look out for. Their dark and twisted raps make a strange and refreshing mix hip-hop heads and hipsters can’t get enough of.

These new media savvy youngsters back up skills on the microphone with super dope skills in video production. They’ve created a bucket of content the viewer/listener can pig out on as many times as they like -- on demand.

Kreayshawn’s around the way girl swag and bad ass persona make her the most original artist I’ve seen or heard in a long time and when her song comes on the radio it’s a nice departure from electro crap rap.

Artist like Drake, Big Sean and Wiz Kalifa all have the web to thank for some part of their accelerated rise to stardom and Kreayshawn is the latest on that viral list. About a week after I heard “Gucci Gucci” for the first time on a friends’ Tumblr, MTV news reported that she signed a huge deal with Columbia and she’s now label mates with Beyonce.

The sky seems to be the limit for Kreashawn and a couple other artists that have broken through the ether, shaking up the music world, in the last few months.

Frank Ocean and the Weeknd are among the up and comers I can’t stop listening to. I predict that they are the next in line to hit it big.

As long as artists like Kreaysawn and The Weeknd stay true to themselves and continue to deliver interesting new music to people tired of the same ol’ same ol’ we'll seek them out online and elsewhere.

Donny Lumpkins is a content producer at New America Media.