Chinese Media on Wendi Deng Murdoch’s Smack-Down

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Wendi Deng's slap-down of the man who attempted to throw a shaving cream pie at her husband, Rupert Murdoch, successfully stole media attention away from the phone-hacking scandal that has rocked Scotland Yard and Murdoch’s News Corp.

An op-ed in Chinese-language newspaper Sing Tao Daily notes that Deng’s life journey – going from an ordinary girl from China to being the wife of the most influential media emperor -- was more than a Cinderella story.

Originally from Guangzhou Province, China, Deng met former UNICEF executive Jake Cherry and his wife when she was attending medical school in China. The couple tutored her in English there and later sponsored her to study in California, where she changed her major to economics. Later, Cherry divorced his wife and married Deng, who was about 30 years younger than him.

Though the marriage did not last long – Deng reportedly had an affair with another man -- it lasted long enough for Deng to obtain a green card.

After graduation, Deng earned an MBA from Yale, reportedly with financial support from her boyfriend at the time. She then went to work for Murdoch's media empire and married Murdoch after two years.

Though there were rumors that the two have separated, Deng’s staunch defense of her husband in Parliament during what may be the lowest point of his life shows that she is still the behind him and protecting him, according to the Sing Tao. The act affirmed that Deng is more than a pretty face as western media have often emphasized, the Sing Tao reports.