DNC Releases First Spanish-Language Ad for 2012

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The Democratic National Committee's first TV spot for the 2012 election is a 30-second Spanish-language ad entitled "En Quien Confiar." The ad defends Obama's record and warns of Republican policies and their threats to cut spending on social programs.

The ad begins: "Behind the ads that pretend to care about our children, it's the Republicans who would end the Medicare guarantee while protecting tax cuts for the very rich. It was the president who extended health insurance to our children, financial aid for students and cut taxes for the middle class."

The ad ends by saying, "We know who to trust, and who we can't because it's our job to protect our families."

The spot was aired in states with a strong Latino presence that have voted for both parties in different elections, such as Nevada, Florida, Colorado, New Mexico and Washington, D.C.

Democrats said the fact that the first television ad of the campaign is in Spanish highlights the party's commitment to the Latino electorate and its growing political influence.

"This spot sends a very strong message of the priority this community is for this administration and its president," said Debbie Wasserman, president of the DNC.

The ad was released days after the Republican National Committee released an ad and Spanish-language radio spot in Colorado, New Mexico and Nevada, criticizing the president's record.