Faces of Foreclosure: Repossessing the California Dream

Faces of Foreclosure: Repossessing the California Dream

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Editor’s Note: With over 1.2 million foreclosed homes in the last three years, California leads the nation in total foreclosures. Yet we know little about the fate of those who lost their homes. Unlike the 400,000 Okies made homeless by the Dustbowl who were immortalized by John Steinbeck in The Grapes of Wrath, we have no narrative to capture the human fallout of the foreclosure crisis in the Golden State, let alone elsewhere.

New America Media, partnering with ethnic news organizations across California, and with the Washington, D.C.-based Investigative Reporting Workshop has launched FACES OF FORECLOSURE -- REPOSSESSING THE AMERICAN DREAM.

We start this series with a dozen profiles by ethnic media reporters and NAM staff, including Charlene Muhammad with Final Call, Shawn Liu with World Journal, Róger Lindo with La Opinion, and Jaya Padmanabhan with India Currents. The project showcases photographs by award-winning photographer Joseph Rodriguez and video by Cliff Parker.

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Posted Jul 26 2011

Great job by all that took part in this project! Thank you for letting us share our stories.

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