Felony Charges Dropped Against Japanese American’s Sexual Assault of TSA Officer

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 The sexual assault charges Yukari Miyame faced for grabbing and twisting the breast of a TSA officer in Arizona have been dropped, but she might still be left with a misdemeanor.

Miyame, a 61-year old Japanese American traveler, was at Sky Harbor International Airport’s terminal four checkpoint D when she became argumentative with a female TSA officer, and proceeded to grab and twist her breast, according to Phoenix Seargant Steve Marcos.

Miyamae’s was booked into Maricopa County Jail on one count of sexual abuse.

But according to a Maricopa County Attorney’s Office spokesperson Jerry Cobb, prosecutors dropped the case against Miyame because “the facts don’t rise to the level of felony.”

The story has gone viral, thanks to the strangeness of the case and the virtual cheers of countless other frustrated travelers who have described the post 9/11 screening process as ‘intrusive’. On Facebook, the page ‘Acquit Yukari Mihame’ has drawn more than 3,000 fans, many dubbing her the ‘modern day Rosa Parks.’



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