Fil-Am Family Kidnapped in Southern Philippines

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More than a dozen armed men abducted 14-year old Filipino-American Kevin Yeatts Lunsmann, his mother Gerfa Lunsmann and 19-year old Filipino nephew Romnick Jackaria in a small resort on Tictabon Island off the coast Zamboanga Tuesday.

Zamboanga police said Gerfa, a resident of Campbell County in Virginia, was born in Basilan but was adopted by an American couple in her childhood.

The Washington Post reported that Gerfa now owns the resort from where they were kidnapped.

Officials said there has been no contact or ransom demand so far.

The notorious Abu Sayyaf group is believed to be behind the kidnapping.

Authorities said that they are checking eyewitness reports saying that the abductors left with the victims for Basilan Island, a stronghold of Abu Sayyaf Islamic extremist group.

Gerfa’s husband was not with the family.

In Campbell County, Gerfa’s husband Hiko is watching the situation from the family home, reports local TV new station WDBJ-7. He’s not talking to reporters, but says he has spoken with his wife’s family, most of whom live in the Philippines.