Hugo Chavez Has Cancer

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HAVANA—Everyone knew something was wrong with Hugo Chavez. From his extended travels to Cuba for "health reasons,"to going radio silence on Twitter and state TV to the recent cancellation of the Latin American summit.

Now the “new battle that life has placed” before the Venezuelan leftist president has been identified as cancer. In his first live appearance since arriving in Cuba several weeks ago, Chavez has admitted admitted that Cuban doctors had removed cancerous cells and admitted that he had failed to take care of his health.

His Socialist political party has insisted that he will be returning to Venezuela soon. However, that was not apparent in this televised appearance because he provided no insight as to when he will return, his recovery time frame or even what type of cancer he is battling. He also did not give any indication that someone other than he would be acting as President while re remains in Cuba.

Chavez, age 56, has been leading the country since 1999 and vows to continue the ‘revolution’ and to insure that he will continue to do so, the military has stated it will guarantee constitutional order in his absence.