La Opinión: Debt Ceiling No Time for Political Maneuvers

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LOS ANGELES -- If the national debt ceiling is not raised in less than a week, the United States will default on its debts, with serious consequences for Americans and holders of treasury bonds. At this point, it is urgent to increase this limit, whether legislatively or through executive action, according to an editorial in La Opinión.

There is no more time for political maneuvers, ideological extremism and attempts to earn electoral brownie points for next year, editors write. The GOP’s unyielding attitude has become more pronounced because of lawmakers representing the Tea Party wing.

The United States’ financial credibility has never been irresponsibly put into play in order to obtain future electoral advantages, editors write.

The president may need to act unilaterally to raise the ceiling —and there are legal and constitutional arguments that would allow him to take action in case of such an emergency. The ideal would be to obtain the legislative consensus that has predominated on this issue for decades, but something has to give if the opposition no longer has this sense of responsibility.