Marine Corps Career Center Opened in NY Chinatown

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NEW YORK, N.Y.--- Last week, a brand new Marine Corps Career Center opened in New York's Chinatown to meet the increasing interest of Chinese Americans in joining the United States military, reported the China Press. According to the paper, the center -- located at 153C Centre Street in Chinatown -- opened July 6, aiming to recruit young Chinese Americans to the U.S. Marine Corps.

During the opening ceremony, celebrated with a lion dance, a spokesperson for the center said the number of Chinese Americans working in the Marine Corps increased by 80% in the past three years, and the opening of the new career center would help answer some of the most frequently asked questions among interested Chinese Americans.

Yuxin Zhong, manager of the center, said he joined the military nine years ago. At first, he joined to challenge himself, but he said there are more benefits joining the military, such as subsidies on housing and education, health and dental insurance and expedited citizenship.