Mexico Makes It Easier to Vote Abroad

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LOS ANGELES -- Beginning Oct. 1, Mexican nationals abroad will be able to register to vote for the 2012 Mexican presidential election. Mexicans living outside their country will only need two documents to vote: their application and a photocopy of their voter ID card issued by the Federal Electoral Institute (IFE).

In an effort to better facilitate foreign voter registration, the IFE General Council owill allow Mexican nationals to register their address outside Mexico without any other documents. The same address
will be where voter ballots will be mailed to. 

With 98 percent of Mexican nationals living abroad in the United States, IFE will promote the new voter registration process through Mexican Consulates in an effort to increase voter turnout.

In 2006, only 32,632 of these votes were counted. One in four votes coming from outside of Mexico was rejected. Past efforts to use the Internet or Mexican consular ID cards to vote have failed.

The presidential election is set for July 1, 2012. Absentee ballots must come in before June 30, 2012. Mexican nationals will only be allowed to vote in the presidential election.




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