Push for Anti-Immigration Law in California

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LOS ANGELES -- Anti-immigration activists began to circulate a petition Tuesday to add an Arizona-style initiative to the 2012 ballot in California. The Taxpayer Protection Act of 2012 is sponsored the former chairman of the California Republican Party Tirso del Junco and Ted Hilton, a San Diego real estate developer, among others. The initiative would require the enforcement of Secure Communities and would allow public service providers such as hospitals and welfare offices to report clients’ immigration status to ICE. This initiative is the second attempt by Hilton, who authored a similar bill in 2009 and failed to get the required number of signatures. It is unclear whether Hilton’s group, the Taxpayer Revolution, has enough funds to acquire the signatures it needs to be placed on the ballot. According to California election law, initiative sponsors must gather 504,760 signatures within 150 days in order to place an initiative on the ballot.