Reverse Brain Drain: Indian and Chinese entrepreneurs in the United States moving back home

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 Skilled immigrants are leaving the United States in droves. This is because of economic opportunities in countries like India and China, a desire to be closer to family and friends, and a deeply flawed U.S immigration system. It doesn’t matter whether we call this “brain drain” or “brain circulation”—it is a loss for America. Innovation that would otherwise be happening here is going abroad.

The most significant factors drawing both Indian and Chinese entrepreneurs home were economic opportunities, access to local markets, and family ties. More than 60% of Indian and 90% of Chinese returnees said the availability of economic opportunities in their countries was a major factor in their return. Seventy-eight percent of Chinese entrepreneurs were lured by the attraction of local markets as were 53% of Indian entrepreneurs. And 76% of Indian entrepreneurs and 51% of Chinese entrepreneurs said it was family ties that brought them back home.

The returnees took pride in contributing to their home country’s economic development. More than 60% of Indian and 51% of Chinese entrepreneurs rated this as very important. Government incentives weren’t at all important for the Indians surveyed, but did lure back 23% of the Chinese. And only 10% of Indian and Chinese entrepreneurs left the United States because they had to; others may have been frustrated with their visa situation, but had other, more important reasons for returning home. Read more here.