UC Admissions Show Strong Increases in Diversity

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The enrollment of California resident freshmen at the University of California is expected to remain stable for fall 2011, while the university projects the ethnic and geographic diversity of the incoming class will broaden, according to preliminary data released.

A total of 39,989 admitted freshmen submitted Statements of Intent to Register for Fall 2011, of whom 35,064, or 88 percent, are California residents. This represents a slight numeric increase compared with comparable data for last year, and indicates that demand for a UC education remains high, despite rising fees and concerns about the impacts of state budget cuts.

At the transfer level, UC received 20,062 Statements of Intent from admitted students. Of these, 17,754, or 88 percent, are transfers from California community colleges.

Overall, the proportion of underrepresented students in the projected freshman class rose to 30 percent (up nearly 3 percentage points from last year), primarily due to increases in Chicano/Latino students. Among freshmen, Latinos are projected to constitute nearly 26 percent of the incoming class, the largest number and proportion in UC’s history.

Pamela Burnett, UC’s interim director of undergraduate admissions, said the increases in Latino students could be explained in part by the demographic changes in California, a state where more than 43 percent of high school graduates in 2011 were projected to be Latinos.

“Another reason for the increase is that Latino students are applying in higher numbers,” Burnett said. “And more of them are wellprepared and competitive in the admissions process.”

Universitywide, nonresidents represent 13.9 percent those who expect to attend UC campuses in 2011.

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