Foreclosure & the American Dream: Two Women's Stories

Foreclosure & the American Dream: Two Women's Stories

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The American dream, as the world knows it, has always included a few key things. There's the rags to riches fantasy, the new life for the old country, and, the idea that one day anyone can be in possession of their very own home.

But for millions of Americans the dream has been tarnished with the reality of economic downfall and foreclosures. Their home, they discovered, is not actually their own.

Dianne Pinkston is one such American whose dream of home ownership fizzled in foreclosure. And Shawna Cordova is another: her 5-acre dream home went into foreclosure last year and her world came tumbling down.  They shared their story with New America Now Host Shirin Sadeghi.

Dianne's Story:



Shawna's Story:

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