Huffington Post’s Greatest Person of the Day, An-Phong Vo

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 Yesterday, Vietnamese American An-Phong Vo was honored as Huffington Post’s Greatest Person of the Day. An-Phong is an attorney-cum-program director for Boat People SOS, a well-respected Vietnamese American non-profit dedicated to advocating for and improving the livelihood of refugee communities.

At the age of nine, An-Phong fled Vietnam as a boat person with her family. After three and half a years at a refugee camp in Malaysia, An-Phong and her family were able to resettle in America. She later earned a B.A. in Marketing and Management from McNeese State University, and then a J.D. from Louisiana State University. An-Phong will soon be returning to Southeast Asia on behalf of Boat People SOS and the Coalition to Abolish Modern Day Slavery to work with local NGOs on grassroots and policy efforts against human trafficking.



Posted Aug 11 2011

Congratulation, An Phong!

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