Japanese Protestors Rally Against Korean Dramas

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 A group of 2,000 protestors held a demonstration outside of Fuji TV headquarters in Tokyo on Sunday, complaining about the station’s emphasis on Korean programming, according to news reports.

Reportedly spearheaded by right-wing nationalist groups, the demonstration initially drew 600 people but swelled to 2,000.

The Dong-A Ilbo reported that participants sang the Japanese national anthem and chanted, “Long Live the Emperor!”

Protestors chanted slogans such as “Stop hallyu” and “Revoke broadcaster’s license,” with one shouting “We’ve gathered today to redeem Fuji TV from Korea’s hands.”

The anti-Korean backlash, due to a growing number of Korean dramas broadcast on Japanese TV, has gained steam in recent weeks following a controversy surrounding Japanese actor Sousuke Takaoka.

“I’ll never watch Channel 8 (Fuji TV) again,” the 29-year-old recently told fans on Twitter. “I often think it’s Korean TV. Japanese people want traditional Japanese programs.”

With news spreading that Takaoka left his management agency after criticizing Fuji TV, anti-hallyu sentiment by right-wing groups snowballed. Former Yokohama Mayor Hiroshi Nakada criticized Fuji TV, saying “I think (Takaoka’s comments) are justified. Which country’s broadcaster is Fuji?,” in condemning Fuji.

While serving as Yokohama mayor, Nakada urged public schools in the city to adopt history textbooks distorting Korea-Japan history.