NAM Radio: Bill McKibben and the Alaska-to-Texas Oil Pipeline

NAM Radio: Bill McKibben and the Alaska-to-Texas Oil Pipeline

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They say that human history repeats itself -- the wars, the greed, the violence, the lust for power -- it's always been there and ever will it remain. But what is different in our age is the unmistakable effects of human life on a living planet that has little choice in the matters of human progress, or lack thereof.

A growing movement of environmental activists has taken it upon itself to not only raise awareness about the damaging effects of human enterprise on the very planet that we need in order to survive, but to politically charge ahead in making the necessary changes to save us all.

Bill McKibben is one of the leaders of this movement. He is the founder of, an international grassroots effort to reduce the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere and he spoke with New America Now Host Shirin Sadeghi to discuss the future of our planet and very specifically, the concerns that many Americans have about the Transcanada pipeline:  a massive oil pipeline that is in the works from Alaska, through Canada and down to Texas and the Gulf of Mexico which has left residents of the pipeline areas, as well as farmers and environmentalists concerned about serious safety and health issues.

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