5,000 S-Comm Foster Kids -- 'Intolerable and Outrageous'

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LOS ANGELES -- Five thousand minors are in foster homes because they were separated from their families when their parents were detained and deported through the Secure Communities (S-Comm) program, according to a recent study by the Applied Research Center. 

"This situation is intolerable and outrageous," an editorial in La Opinión contends. "From its start until today, Secure Communities has set an example of incompetence and irresponsibility in meeting its objective of arresting undocumented immigrants who pose a danger to American society."

Under S-Comm, local police are required to turn over to federal immigration authorities the fingerprint data of anyone they arrest.

Some 39 percent of those detained through the program have U.S.-citizen spouses or children. In Los Angeles, an estimated 1,178 children are in foster homes because their parents were deported or are in deportation proceedings.

"These are the cruel, sad consequences of a poorly planned and even worse executed deportation program," the editorial concludes. "This is another powerful argument to, at the very least, put the Secure Communities program on ice."