Ban on Sending Filipino Workers to 41 Countries Mulled

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MANILA--The Philippines Department of Labor and Employment on Nov. 3 called for a ban on the deployment of Filipino migrant workers to at least 41 countries that have allegedly failed to provide enough safeguards to protect them from abuse.

However, Foreign Affairs Secretary Albert del Rosario has urged the labor department to defer action on its proposed ban, saying “there are compelling reasons to defer further action on the list.” He said more time is needed to give the Department of Foreign Affairs “…ample opportunity to dialogue with these countries,” while vowing that the foreign office would “do all that is necessary to protect our nationals overseas.”

“Ultimately, good and friendly relations with all nations allow us the ability to work on behalf of our nationals overseas,” Del Rosario said.

Earlier, the labor department said that the blacklisted countries had failed to sign international conventions protecting migrant workers. Some of the countries on the list of 41 are Afghanistan, Iraq, Kyrgyzstan, Libya, Lebanon, Montenegro, North Korea and Pakistan.