Chinese Media Journalist Honored with Award

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Kai Ping Liu, the assignment editor of World Journal, was honored with the Career Achievement Award on Tuesday night by The Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ) - Northern California Chapter for his dedication in providing news to the local Chinese community for the last two decades. Founded in 1976, World Journal is one of largest Chinese-language newspapers in the United States.

According to the newspaper, Liu is probably the first Chinese-language media journalist awarded by SPJ in its 26-year history. Li said at the awards ceremony that Chinese media played an important role in helping Chinese immigrants adjust to American society, as well as in pushing for Asian involvement in mainstream politics. Li recalled that there was not a single Asian elected official in San Francisco when he started his career in journalism about 20 years ago, but today, there have been four Asian supervisors in city hall, along with the first elected Chinese American mayor. Liu said he shares the honor with his staff at World Journal, as well as all Chinese media reporters in Northern California.