Colombia's El Tiempo: Bring FARC to Negotiating Table

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BOGOTA--An editorial in Colombia's El Tiempo newspaper asks the question: Does the death of FARC leader Alfonso Cano present an opportunity for peace in the country? On Saturday, President Juan Manuel Santos called for the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, or FARC, to surrender after the rebel group's leader was killed Friday in a military operation.

Editors of El Tiempo write that Cano's death does not spell the end of FARC. The group, known for its tradition of collective leadership, will simply choose a replacement. However, editors write, the loss of several key FARC leaders over the last three years has shattered the myth of the group's invulnerability.

This could be an opportune time for a negotiated settlement with the government, the editorial concludes. The government, editors write, needs to convert Cano's death into a final push to bring the guerillas to the negotiating table.