Travel Blogging Pays in China

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As China’s economy continues to grow young people there are quite literally finding the world at their fingertips. According to a report in the People’s Daily, Internet travel writing is becoming a much-sought after and lucrative career choice. is one of the country’s more popular travel-related sites. The People’s Daily report notes that the site recently launched a recruiting campaign seeking individuals with travel experience, as well as excellent writing and photography skills. The aim is to bring the experience of travel home to China’s millions of online users, mainly through "Weibo"( "the mini-blog"), China's version of twitter.

Doing so can pay upwards of $1500 per month, a sum that doubles or in some cases even triples what most make in their routine 9 to 5 office jobs. And, whoever gets hired will be paid to travel.

The offer was so tempting that Kuxun apparently received some 50,000 applications, though only 30 slots were available.

Liu Pei Pei is a recruitment manager at Kuxun. She says responsibilities range from the more mundane planning of travel routes and ranking of destinations, to the more challenging task of inspiring readers through a combination of literary craft and photographic ability.

The site’s chief travel blogger, Hao Na, told China Daily that the job wasn’t as easy as she first thought, noting that junior bloggers would be doing more traveling as senior staff take on more administrative duties, such as managing writers and overseeing training and promotional programs.