Confirmed: Facebook to be Unblocked in Vietnam in 2012

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Print confirmed with a first-hand source that Facebook will be unblocked in Vietnam, likely in early 2012. The source reported that Facebook sent high level managers, including a Vietnamese American, to Vietnam last October to negotiate with Vietnamese internet service providers (ISP). Since then, both sides have come to an agreement. Last April, PC World Vietnam reported that FPT, Vietnam’s largest ISP, had signed a partnership agreement with Facebook and the site was to be unblocked. kept a close eye on the ground to gauge if this was actually true. It received conflicting reports from readers living in Vietnam. Some reported unrestricted access while others claimed a DNS work around was still required. We were not able to obtain the details of terms, nor the exact date of when Facebook will be widely accessible. However, the source is highly reliable and has a first-hand knowledge of the deal. 

Perhaps it's no accident that Mark Zuckerberg and his girlfriend are vacationing in Vietnam, a country that blocks his social media... He's seen riding a water buffalo in this link, which no doubts will show up on facebook in Vietnam in the near future.