H'Wood to Make 'Bling Ring' Film

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A gang of notorious Hollywood thieves that gained attention in 2009 for daring burglaries of the homes of several high profile stars, including Paris Hilton and Orlando Bloom, could be the subject of an upcoming feature film, according to the Korea Daily.

Known as the Bling Ring, the seven-member group was headed by 21-year-old Korean American Rachel Lee, who was sentenced last October to four years in jail for taking $43K worth of items from Audrina Patridge's Hollywood Hills home in 2009.

Among the group's other victims were Jennifer Lopez, Megan Fox and Lindsey Lohan. The group is suspected of getting away with nearly $3 million in jewelry and artwork.

Famed actress and director Sophia Coppola is rumored to be considering directing the film, the article notes, though no start date or script is yet in place.

According to the paper, efforts have been made to recruit original members of the ring for the production. Tess Taylor and Alexis Neiers have reportedly already signed a contract, the paper notes. Other members may participate in a draftibng of the script and other advisory roles.

Filmamkers are apparently working to get in touch with Lee.